Buying in Miami Q & A

Buying in Miami Q & A

International buyer’s facts and questions on purchasing Miami properties


We specialize in helping international buyers purchase Miami real estate. Professional title attorneys, bank loan officers, insurance companies and many other professional affiliates are available to facilitate your successful closing. 

Quick facts

Having general market knowledge is very important when purchasing in Miami. Following are some key points to help you understand market conditions here.


Distressed properties 
While distressed properties can sometimes be priced below market value, it’s important to be aware that these deals are much more complicated and take longer to close. 

Non-distressed properties
These are the majority of properties on the market and usually close with fewer issues. The seller does not need the bank to approve the offer. 


Major Infrastructure Project Started

Aggressive updating and maintenance will ensure that Miami’s infrastructure remain world-class. Planned future projects for our next generation gateway city:



Large New Developments Planned.




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