Midtown urban neighborhoods Midtown/Wynwood/Edgewater/Design District

About Midtown, Edgewater & Wynwood

MIAMI MIDTOWNconsists of four districts: Midtown, Edgewater, Wynwood and the Design District. All of the districts are centrally located in Miami, which makes this an ideal location to live, work and play. New pre-construction lofts, condos, penthouses are part of this area’s dynamic real estate cycle.

MIDTOWNwas developed during the last building cycle from an abandoned inner-city rail yard just north of Downtown Miami.From the start it was planned to host residences, retail, parks, restaurants and art galleries. The area has caught on and is now a thriving urban community with condos and lofts priced from $200,000 to $3,000,000. Available residences include Midtown 2, Midtown 4and Mews (live/work), which are currently for sale and for rent. Midblockunits are now being offered for sale with lofts, ground-floor town homes and condos. The newest building, Midtown 3, is in talks with Jorge Perez to change the name to Hyde Midtown, which will be a mix of residential apartments, hotel and retail space. Midtown 6 will be the next to follow.  

EDGEWATERis fast becoming one of the most popular residential areas with a mix of full-amenity high-rise buildings and boutique mid-sized buildings with open air lofts, condos and street-side town homes. Popular new construction buildings are Paramount Bay, City 24, Gallery Art, Star Lofts, New Wave, Opera Tower, Onyx on the Bay, Moon Bay, Uptown Lofts and Platinum. The Edgewater neighborhood is only minutes from Downtown Miami by car or by bike, and it’s minutes from Miami Beach via the Venetian and the MacArthur Causeways. Now available pre-construction residential condos, lofts, and penthouses in Miami's Edgewater which include Biscayne Beach, Bay House, Icon Bay, Paraiso and Crimson. Visit the 2013 pre-construction buyers guide for Miami and Miami Beach.

WYNWOOD is a mixed-use industrial neighborhood which features a fashion district and an art district, which some compare to New York’s Soho District in its early years. Wynwood’s commercial and industrial businesses welcome graffiti on their walls by community artists. Wynwood hosts Art Walk every second Saturday of the month when galleries and local businesses open their doors for a large block party. Wynwood Lofts and Parc lofts are some of the residential live/work buildings with studios, flats and industrial lofts making up the majority of the residential real estate. Apartment rentals can be hard to find in this district, but future real estate projects are starting to make up for the shortfall. Commercial real estate in Wynwood is at a high demand. 

DESIGN DISTRICT is going through a change with 1.5 million square feet being constructed to house some of the most ultra-luxury brands in the world. The developer is mixing retail, office space, residences and a boutique hotel, which will transform the onetime quiet district into a must-see destination for locals and tourists alike. Baltus House is a new residential real estate project in the area that is offering affordable luxury condo apartments for sale. More pre-construction projects are on the horizon.

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Pre-Construction Projects

Hyde Midtown Condos

Biscayne Beach Condo

Paraiso Bay Condo Towers

New Residential Construction

4 Midtown Condo Tower in Midtown Miami


Edgewater Miami

EDGEWATER is fast becoming one of Miami's most popular bayside communities with a mix of high-rise and mid-rise condo towers. The condominium towers are directly on the bay or just a block off the bay. A new wave of pre-construction real estate sales has started in the affordable luxury category with the latest in new building technologies. "Edgewater" is a Miami urban neighborhood where you can walk to the shop, restaurants and parks. Contact our real estate team for information on Edgewater pre-construction prices.

Edgewater in Midtown Miami  15Edgewater in Midtown Miami  30Edgewater in Midtown Miami  29Edgewater in Midtown Miami  28Edgewater in Midtown Miami  27Edgewater in Midtown Miami  26Edgewater in Midtown Miami  25Edgewater in Midtown Miami  24Edgewater in Midtown Miami  23Edgewater in Midtown Miami  22Edgewater in Midtown Miami  21Edgewater in Midtown Miami  20Edgewater in Midtown Miami  19Edgewater in Midtown Miami  18Edgewater in Midtown Miami  17Edgewater in Midtown Miami  16Midtown/Omni 6Edgewater in Midtown Miami  14Edgewater in Midtown Miami  13Edgewater in Midtown Miami  12Edgewater in Midtown Miami  11Edgewater in Midtown Miami  10Edgewater in Midtown Miami  9Edgewater in Midtown Miami  8Edgewater in Midtown Miami  7Edgewater in Midtown Miami  6Edgewater in Midtown Miami  5Edgewater in Midtown Miami  4Edgewater in Midtown Miami  3Edgewater in Midtown Miami  2Edgewater in Midtown Miami  1

Hyde Midtown Miami

HYDE MIDTOWN MIAMI is set to start sales in 2014. George Perez team will build a mix use project on the Midtown 3 site that sits between Midtown 2 and Midtown 4. The project will consist of a boutique hotel with an estimated 40 guest rooms, 400 condos, almost 22,000 square feet of retail and will have a large car garage. The hotel and Hyde Lounge will be a great fit for Midtown's master plan. Midtown real estate sales have been strong as it is truly the most centrally located urban community in Miami. Contact our Midtown Miami real estate team for floor plans and price list for Hyde Midtown pre-construction sales launch.

Hyde Midtown Miami  1Hyde Midtown Miami  2Hyde Midtown Miami  3Hyde Midtown Miami  5Hyde Midtown Miami  6Hyde Midtown Miami  7Hyde Midtown Miami  8Hyde Midtown Miami  9Hyde Midtown Miami  10Hyde Midtown Miami  11Hyde Midtown Miami  12Hyde Midtown Miami  13Hyde Midtown Miami  14Hyde Midtown Miami  15Hyde Midtown Miami  16

Miami Design District

THE DESIGN DISTRICT has forever changed from a small furniture design district to a super high-end luxury urban village. The area is going through a massive redevelopment with luxury retails shops, restaurants, hotels and residential apartments. The Buena Vista historic neighborhood is just to the north of the Design District and is favored by artists and professionals alike.

Miami Design District 1Miami Design District 2Miami Design District 3Miami Design District 4Miami Design District 6Miami Design District 7Miami Design District 8Miami Design District  14Miami Design District  15Design district  7

Midtown Miami Neighborhood

MIDTOWN MIAMI is a planned urban community located in the center Miami’s most popular entertainment districts. Midtown is one of Miami's fastest growing communities for live/work with lofts and offices with duel zoning. Midtown is only minutes from Downtown Miami, South Beach, the Seaport and Miami International Airport, and it’s only a few blocks from the Design District and Wynwood art district.

Midtown 4 Miami Miami Midtown District  10Miami Midtown District  9Miami Midtown District  8Miami Midtown District  7Miami Midtown District  6Miami Midtown District  4Gigi Restaurant in Miami Midtown District  3Miami Midtown District  2Miami Midtown District  1Miami Midtown District Sugar Cane in Midtown Miami Midtown Miami live/work & LoftsMidtown Miami Photos 21Midtown Miami Photos 20Midtown Miami Photos 19Parc Lofts Midtown Miami Midblock offices Miami Miami's favorite community Lofts in Midtown Miami Two Midtown CondosThe cheese Course Miami Midrise Live/Work units MiamiTwo Midtown Residents Four Midtown Miami Midrise in Midtown Miami Miami entertainment DistrictMidtown Miami Photos 7Midtown Miami Photos 6Midblock Miami Midtown Miami a Planned development Four Midtown Residences in Miami

Wynwood Art District

WYNWOOD (ART DISTRICT) is Miami's fastest growing commercial/industrial/residential districts just west of Midtown. Its transformation from an industrial district to an urban neighborhood is still in the early stages with new pre-construction projects starting for art studios, lofts and live/work spaces. New restaurants and retail shops are opening so quickly, it's hard to keep track of all the area’s new businesses. This is a vibrant Miami neighborhood on the rise of global notoriety.

Miami's Wynwood Art District 1Wynwood Art and Design District 23Wynwood Art and Design District 24Wynwood Art and Design District 25Wynwood Art and Design District 26Wynwood Art and Design District 27Wynwood Art and Design District 28Wynwood Art and Design District 29Wynwood Art and Design District 30Wynwood Art and Design District 31Wynwood Art and Design District 22Miami's Wynwood Art District 2Miami's Wynwood Art District 3Miami's Wynwood Art District 4Miami's Wynwood Art District 5Miami's Wynwood Art District 6Miami's Wynwood Art District 8Miami's Wynwood Art District 9Miami's Wynwood Art District 10Miami's Wynwood Art District 11Wynwood Art and Design District 11Wynwood Art and Design District 2Wynwood Art and Design District 3Wynwood Art and Design District 4Wynwood Art and Design District 5Wynwood Art and Design District 6Wynwood Art and Design District 7Wynwood Art and Design District 8Wynwood Art and Design District 9Wynwood Art and Design District 10Wynwood Art and Design District 1Wynwood Art and Design District 12Wynwood Art and Design District 13Wynwood Art and Design District 14Wynwood Art and Design District 16Wynwood Art and Design District 17Wynwood Art and Design District 18Wynwood Art and Design District 19Wynwood Art and Design District 20Wynwood Art and Design District 21