Venetian Islands Waterfront And Non-Waterfront Homes for Sale & Rent

About Venetian Islands: Miami Beach

The Venetian Islandswaterfront community is comprised of six manmade islands stretching from the barrier island of Miami Beach to mainland Miami. From east to west it begins with Belle Isles then continues onto Rivo Alto, Dilido, San Marino, San Marco and, finally, Biscayne Island. The islands are connected via the Venetian Causeway, which runs from Edgewater neighborhood to Miami Beach.

Waterfront Homes are in limited supply in Miami Beach and tend to fair well in most market cycles. Buyers usually pay a premium for waterfront homes; however, when it’s time to sell, these homes don’t stay on the market for very long and usually turn a significant profit. Simply, there will always be more boating enthusiasts and water lovers looking to purchase a waterfront home than there are homes on the market. Many bayfront homes have fantastic views of Downtown, Hibiscus Island, Star Islandand/or Miami Beach, depending on the property’s exposure. Waterfront homes start at around $2,500,000. Some of the older waterfront homes on the Venetian Islands are currently being torn down to build newer, modern homes. This trend is indicative of a healthy market. 

Non-waterfront homes are also available on the Venetian Islands with prices starting at $800,000 and reaching $3,000,000. Many of the these homes sit on lots with mature subtropical landscaping, which makes them feel authentically South Floridian.

Belle Isles Condos Condos are located on the eastern side of the Venetian Islands. The bayfront condos have incredible water views and a community boat dock. Prices range from $200,000 to $3,000,000. Many of the condos were built in the 70's and 80's with a few exceptions like The Grand Venetian, which was built 2001. Some of the buildings include Nine Island, Island Terrace and Belle Plaza Island Terrace. The Standard Hotel and Spa is located across the street from these high-rise buildings. Sunset Harbour and Lincoln Road are within walking distance along with two small parks and a playground. 

Biscayne Island is endowed with some of the city’s best views. The south side of Bicayne Island offers direct views of the Miami skyline. Both The Sandpiper, a small two-story garden co-op apartment building, and One Thousand Venetian, a mid-rise luxury building, also offer phenomenal views. Real estate inventory is generally low for these buildings, so when units come on the market they sell quickly.

Boating Enthusiast consider the Venetian Islands a true boating community. Boating enthusiasts love their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which is only a few minutes from their backyard boat docks. Stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, canoeing, fishing and diving are shared interests in this neighborhood. For those without a backyard boat dock, Sunset Harbor-the hip, urban neighborhood only minutes away on foot or by bike - is home to a marina and a community boat launch.

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Venetian Islands

The Venetian Islands offer some of Miami's most desirable waterfront property. The neighborhood is minutes from the entertainment districts of Downtown, Midtown, Edgewater and South Beach, yet with its lush landscaping, flocks of parrots and palm trees chiming in the breeze, it feels like a tropical hideaway. Real estate on the Venetian Islands tends to price below many of its sister islands because the community is not private and gated. Don’t let this deter you, however. The islands are considered very safe and are a favorite for families.

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