Star Island Ultra Luxury Large Estate Homes for Sale & Rent

About Star Island: Miami Beach

Star Island, one of the most famous addresses in Miami Beach, is where the houses have their own names. Star Island was constructed in the 20's along with Palm Islandand Hibiscus Islands, and it has enjoyed a colorful history of famous residents ever since. It harbors approximately 40 waterfront luxury estate homes with water frontage ranging from 100’ to over 500’. Homes facing southwest have a view of Downtown and of cruise ships exiting the cut. Homes facing east have views of Miami Beach, and homes facing north and west look onto the Venetian Islands and Palm and Hibiscus Islands. Today, there are limited lots available for sale and for development, including a few tear-down homes. Prices begin at around $9,000,000 and range up to $50,000,000. 

The property lot sizes on Star Island are the largest you’ll find anywhere in Miami Beach. (The only comparable neighborhood to Star Island may be the private community of Indian Creek Village on 91st Street and Collins in Miami Beach.)  Star Island residents keep their boats out of the water on hydraulic lifts to protect them from the wakes of incoming boats as the island is more exposed to boat traffic on bay. Owners may keep a larger boat or small yacht on the southwest side of the island as this area is more protected from the waves. However, most owners with large yachts choose to dock them at South Pointe Marina or Fisher Island Marina. 

The Location Star Island is the last island you see to the north on I-395 before entering South Beach. There is only one way onto or off of the island: through the guard gate from the entry bridge. Although all visitors have their information registered, the road is pubic access. The neighborhood is very safe and is patrolled carefully.

There are only a small number of Star Island homes offered for sale and for lease in any given season.  Should nothing appear on the open listings, please contact us regarding any pocket listings (off market) which may be available.

Star Island

Star Island real estate is reserved for the highly affluent. The oval-shaped island is a tropical enclave superior to most islands of Miami Beach, with the possible exception of Indian Creek Village. Some of the residences include a combination of two, three and sometimes four lots. The price of real estate on Star Island has risen dramatically in the last few years as Miami’s ultra-luxury market has been infused with buyers from all over the world. Star Island holds trophy properties for the world’s wealthiest.

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