Miami Ultimate Lifestyle: Penthouse Living

Last update on Aug. 23, 2013.

Miami Ultimate Lifestyle: Penthouse Living

There is no stronger statement about your status in life, than by the purchase of a penthouse suite. When you stay in a penthouse, you are letting people know that you are on top of the food chain. You have the earned the best of what life has to offer and you are living in it. There is no better place to get a penthouse and make this statement, than by doing it in Miami. 

Miami has earned itself the title of being a jewel in the south. It is the place where people enjoy life and where people come to play. With a penthouse in Miami, you are taking a seat among the most elite and prestigious of places. Since Miami is also known for providing only the best and most expensive, expect nothing less when you go out and look for your perfect penthouse. Chances are they have just what you are looking for and then more.

There are many advantages to buying a penthouse. First and foremost, you get to live in the lap of luxury like no other. Many penthouses come designer furnished but also allow you customize the place to your liking. A lot of people tend to design the place according to what suits them whether that be an ultra high-tech unit or a palatial themed spread fit for a king. Penthouses are usually massive in floor space and have numerous rooms so you have a lot of options to work with. 

Common features that are standard for penthouses are pools and balconies. Being able to enjoy the scenery and luxury of your penthouse is essential. Hence, pools will usually be massive for parties and doing laps, while balconies will be opulent and perfect for hosting guests and showing off the skyline. Miami has an amazing view from their penthouses, overlooking the beaches and other massive structures around you. The pools are perfect for the warm weather you experience in this location. 

One of the biggest benefits in having a penthouse is the floor space this type of living quarters provides you. Normally, a condo or building of this type maximizes the space inside by dividing up the area into units. Penthouses go the opposite way and provide a whole floor just for you. There are even multiple floor penthouses available for those who find that money is no issue. These places can be massive and could really make a powerful impression on those who visit. 

Other nice perks of owning a penthouses, is the spectacular views they come with. The thrill and empowerment you feel from seeing the vast landscape beneath you is unrivaled. You also have VIP treatment from the building staff and have the luxury of unmatched privacy. This makes a penthouse perfect for private get-togethers and parties your guests will surely remember and delight in. 

Another frequently overlooked, but important factor of owning a penthouse, is the investment you have made. Becoming an owner of one or more penthouses could net you some very large returns later on. A popular location like Miami is always in demand of such luxuries and if you play your cards right, you could sell a penthouse later on for a hefty sum. Remember that these types of places are always in demand and if well taken care of, gain much value over time. You could even earn more than you spend if you decide to sell it later on.

A great place to start your look for a luxury Penthouse would be "South of Fifth" other wise known as SOFI. Some of the buildings sporting these great units are The Icon, Murano Grand, Murano, Portofino, South Point, Apogee, and the Continuum.

To veiw active Miamis Penthouse apartment listings 

Miami and Miami Beach offers some of the countries top Penthouse apartments for sale.
Recent sales in Miami Beach:

1.  The Continuum Penthouse sold for $25 million (New record)
2.  The Setai Penthouse sold for $21.5 million
3. The Apogee Penthouse sold for $11.5 million re-listed for $25 Million
4. The Continuum Penthouse for $16.25 million 


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