Ocean House - Miami’s Newest Beachfront Residences

Last update on April 30, 2012.

Ocean House - Miami’s Newest Beachfront Residences

The beauty of South Beach is unsurpassed anywhere in America. Only in this part of Florida can you soak in the energizing sun, amidst the swaying of play palm trees, with the cool Atlantic waters lapping at your feet. However, this unparalleled experience is not available to everyone. People have been known to fly in from all over just to experience this haven, this paradise. 

Miami has become known for its pleasant weather, fantastic beaches and fun loving crowd. The people are friendly, the parties are hot and the views are always easy on the eyes. This is especially true in South Beach, known for being one of Miami’s premier destinations. Only the upper class can afford to maintain a lifestyle here. The beaches, condos and hotels are aware of this and try to outdo each other for your patronage. 

Skyscrapers and massive building rise up from the coastline and vie for your attention. They are mirrored in the water’s reflection, looking like gigantic beehives. One must wonder, how will you be able to enjoy the attention and pampering with so many others staying in the same place? South Beach is one of the most popular destinations for people and competing with all of that traffic could be troublesome. 

But what if you could have that gorgeous beach at your doorstep? What if you could be just a hop and a step away from the hottest bars and nightclubs in Miami? What if you could soak up the sun while enjoying the full service of a professional crew at your beck and call? You could have all of South Beach’s attractions and places just a few minutes walk away. Does it sound too good to be true? Too far-fetched and unreal? What if there was a way, you could have your way?

The Ocean House luxury condocan solve all of those issues. This South Beach condo located conveniently in the South of Fifth neighborhoodprovides you with a boutique style solution for your needs. Boasting 5 star service and amenities, this condo can offer you a fantastic seaside view, classy modern design and intimate resort style treatment. Recently redesigned, the Ocean House is beside the Miami’s top hotels and condos. Nestled up cozily beside the beach, you can be either having a swim in the crystal clear beach waters or partying at the nearby clubs.

To make sure you are well taken care of in your new pad, Ocean House also provides you with your own personal butler, house keeping and valet. Ocean House understands that the owners of their units are all living an elite lifestyle and will make sure they are provided for to their hearts' content. With the assistance of the in-house hospitality service, you may also have reservations for spas, restaurants, day care and pet care at your beck and call. Service is important at Ocean House and we look to provide you with anything you may need quickly and efficiently. 

Ocean House is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The pools and living spaces are all well designed with intelligent and innovative strategy. Only top-of-the-line materials were used in order to create elegant and stylish furnishings. We provide private elevators for all our units and make sure security is always alert. The term, “quality over quantity,” is a perfect example of what we look to deliver. Our services are primed to give you only the best treatment we can offer worthy of the South Beach lifestyle.

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