Miami’s 10 Favorite Island Neighborhoods

Last update on May 7, 2012.

Miami’s 10 Favorite Island Neighborhoods

Miami Island real estate is one of the most popular locations to settle. The great weather combined with gorgeous beaches makes for an oasis-like location. Swaying palm trees, crystal waters and fine sand all come together in this paradise. What more could you want in a neighborhood? These prime locations have a lot of other attractions as well. Here are a couple examples for your consideration. 

1. Star Island. As the name states, property here is definitely for the stars. Known for the being the home of the elite, Star Island provides luxury and privacy at it’s finest. The waterfront estate homes are reserved for Miami most affluent. See more Star Island and view available listings; 

2. Palm and Hibiscus Island.This is the place where you can experience both nature and urban living. Situated near Miami Beach, this luxurious estate provides you the best of both worlds by giving you the tranquil effects of a beach house while being just a few minutes away from the city. See more Palm Island & Hibiscus Island info and view available listings; 

3. Venetian Islands. This estate is made up of 6 islands connected by bridges. Comprised by waterfront homes and condos, this scenic location is a haven for recreational activities. With an Italian theme in mind, you will notice the spectacular Mediterranean architecture of the estates here. See more Venetian Island info and view available listings;

4. Fisher Island. Touted as being a sanctuary for the rich and famous, this historic site is home to many prestigious folks. The Fisher Island Hotel & Resort has won international awards for their quality. Access is by private ferry boat only. See more FIsher Island info and view available listings;

5. Sunset Islands. This neighborhood is home to some of the most luxurious estates in Miami. The location is very watercraft friendly and is close to the nearby metropolitan sectors including Lincoln Road and Purdy Ave . 

6. La Gorce Island. With a full loaded clubhouse and recreational facilities, property here is perfect for raising a family. The neighborhood is very secure with private security patrolling. The streets a very wide and lined with Royal Palms which make this a true Island paradise. Home to many professional athletes and artist. 

7. Indian Creek Village.Another high end area, Indian Creek is not as large as other areas, but they more than make up for it with a sprawling country club. With their priority on neighborhood safety, Indian Creek Village boasts of a Public Safety Department headed by its residents. This Island is reserved for the buyer that wants a large estate home with large lot and prices start around $10M.

8. Allison Island. Located near the northern part of Miami Beach, Allison Island is located a bit further away from the urban areas in exchange for some much coveted tranquility. With their emphasis on a family friendly neighborhood, the estates here tend to always be at full capacity.

9. Bay Village. This area is a tourist magnet due its friendly, summer atmosphere and sights. It is here that you can see a more abundant amount of nightclubs and restaurants to pass the time. Frequented most by out-of-towners and visitors, Bay Village has a bit more of a commercial and retail feel than the other islands around it. 

10. Key Biscayne. Known as a paradise of sorts, Key Biscayne is one of the most beautiful islands in the area. The town is nestled in the center, surrounded by miles of gorgeous white sand. The neighborhood here prioritizes having a safe and secure community. It is perfect for families looking to settle down in a dreamlike tropical location.

As you can see, Miami’s real estate is great for all sorts of people looking to move here. People from all walks of life have come to call Miami home. With all these remarkable places available, the choice is tough but surely you will find the perfect home for you.

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